Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range is the place we call home, Jamestown, California. Here on that ranch is where the Blue Oaks grow tall and the sunshine is plentiful all year round. It is a near perfect climate to raise livestock with the warm temperate weather and plentiful native grasses.

Rowdy stands watch from his hilltop overlooking our broodmare herd and his sons and daughters. Our home is just beyond his paddock where we work hard keeping up with our friends and clients. The horse business for us is a labor of love that we have both been blessed with. From the early days when we first met, we knew that together we could build a program with our horses that could compete on every level in the horse industry and produce quality, hard working and smart Ranch Horses. Today that dream is realized in RBV Quarter Horses and Blue Oaks Stallion Station.

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-Jeremy and Melissa Stegall


Jeremy and Melissa Stegall, Owners.